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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

What to do for Colds and Flu?

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Emergen-C and Cold-Eeze
You know Emergen-C Contains Asparic Acid
You Should also Know that Cold-Eeze Contains Actual Aspartame
Link-Know the Dangers
The last thing I need when I'm sick - is poison in my Cold Remedy. I believe the main ingredient in Cold-Eeze that may help with a cold is Zinc. If you wanna explore that.  I would talk to someone at your local natural food store and find a natural alternative. I am not writing about Zinc - because I have no personal experience with it as a cold remedy. But it may be helpful.
Mayo Clinic on Zinc for Colds

I am not a Doctor - So I can't tell you what do when you get sick or offer anything as a Natural Cure. Otherwise the FBI will hand cuff me and take my computer. What I can do is tell you what has worked for me. But First - Let's separate Two Kinds of Sick.

Viral or Bacterial. 

If I get a sore throat I eat a Packet of Hot Sauce. Works in minutes. Turns our Cayenne and Jalapeno are natural antibiotics. If that doesn't work - I'll make a tea with Warm Water / Cayenne Pepper / Lemon Juice / V8 / and Garlic juice (from my Jar of Minced Garlic). There are a lot of things that are not serious that can irritate your throat - including a mild Virus.
If that doesn't work and it gets worse or a Fever develops - I then have to consider Strep Throat (Bacterial) and a trip to the doctor for Antibiotics.

How to Tell the Difference
Here's an article (by an Actual Doctor) on
Symptons and Duration
Your White Blood cells attack a Bacterial Infection. A higher White Cell Count - Tells your Doctor you likely have a bacterial infection. A blood test is needed to determine that.  White Blood Cell Count

The Good
If you have ever had an abscessed tooth -an antibiotic probably saved your life - without you even knowing it. Bacterial infections cause swelling - which caused the pain you felt. Without an Antibiotic - that infection may have run it's course or could have killed you.
The Bad
Antibiotics do not work on Viruses. The World Health Organization warned us 20 years ago that we are over using Antibiotics and making more nasty germs Antibiotic Resistant. That hasn't stopped many doctors from dealing them out - prior to any blood test results to confirm you have a bacterial infection and need them. 

Antibiotics kill both good and bad bacteria. Good Bacteria? Yeah - Like the Acidophilus or Active Cultures found it yogurt. They have been using yogurt for a variety of illnesses and stomach disorders for a thousand years. It is important to take a probiotic whenever you are prescribed antibiotics - to replace the Positive Bacteria destroyed by the antibiotic. There are a lot of different kinds of antibiotics so check with your doctor on the rare chance that they might interact with the specific antibiotic you were given,

So - What to do for Colds and Flu?
Can't tell you that. Once again, I am Not a Doctor and can not give medical advice.
Here are a Few things that have worked for me:

Vitamin C
I do not have a dental Plan. I had a Nasty Tooth Ache and and was reaching for anything I could think of to stop the pain. What worked surprised the hell out of me. Vitamin C! I took 2000 mg 3 times a day. Within an hour or so the pain stopped each time. If you think about it - it makes total sense. As we discussed earlier - Bacteria caused the pain in the first place, Vitamin C boosts your immune system and helps those white blood cells to fight the bacterial infection 

Vitamin C is in the news again now for doing just that: 
One note on Vitamin C - when your body receives the maximum dose of Vitamin C it can Tolerate - your Bowell movements will liquify - I would just hydrate and reduce the dose. Again - you need to take an awful lot for that to occur - like 4000 mg 3 times a day or something. Never had it happen to me. 

I was told that Acidophilus or Probiotics Attack germs in your intestinal tract where virus start. So I tried it. It is now the first thing I take when I feel a cold coming on. That along with Vitamin C. Most Acidophilus capsules need to be kept in the refrigerator. Although there are a few potentially less effective brands (you cold take on the road) that do not.  

Nasty Symptoms
Diarrhea: Just couldn't put that one in large bold. There are a lot slang terms for this condition - but it is no joke. Diarrhea kills millions every year. Mostly in undeveloped counties. But in the US too. When your Bowell movements liquify - you can become dehydrated very quickly and that is dangerous. So if you get it - Hydrate. That's one time you really need water and an electrolyte to replace the minerals your body just flushed from your system. Someone suggested I try a shot of Apple Cider Vinegar for Diarrhea caused by mild  food poising. Man it worked! It worked Quickly too - within about 15 minutes. Been using it for 10 years now. Rice seems to help too. Like I said - this no joke. You consult a physician if the   Diarrhea is constant or lasts more than a day or so.
2 More than May Help
These two are not as well known as Vitamin C or Probiotics. But I have used them with a good deal of success. 

Bacterial - Colloidal Silver - as an Antibiotic.
You may have heard about the guy have heard about the guy who turned blue from drinking a bottle a day. That is insane. Talk about to much of a good thing. It comes in a bottle with a squeeze top. I just squirt a little under my tongue for a minute and then swallow it. I use it for tooth aches - (I let it sit on the effected area for a minute), or the early stages of anything that feels like a bacterial infection. 
Caution: Just like any antibiotic - Colloidal Silver may kill positive bacteria too. The lady at the Natural Living department of Sprouts suggested I take it a few hours before my probiotic - so it doesn't kill the good bacteria in the Acidophilus capsules. So I stagger the two throughout the day when I'm sick. I do not use this casually - only when I think I really need it. 
Here's an Article on Colloidal Silver:
Always check for any possibility you may be allergic to something before trying it. 

Viral - Oregano Oil - For Viruses.
This one is kind of a funny story. Had a great lady at Sprouts in the Natural Living section that really knew her stuff. They changed owners recently and are not actually supposed to give advice anymore. Anyway. Wanted something for viruses. She suggested Oregano oil. 
I got home and as suggested - squeezed some of the oil into a shot of water.

Wholly Sh*t! Thought my head was going to explode. my throat and head burned. I called Sprouts to ask if I was gonna die. They laughed, Said you wont OD on oregano oil - but just use one drop not 30. Stuff does seem to work though- when I feel an unusually strong Virus coming on. Always check for any possibility you may be allergic to something before trying it. 

One last thing - Avoid Sugar , Alcohol and Caffeine when you are sick - they do not help and can make you even sicker. Also - Get 8 hours of Sleep - that is the time of day your body rids itself of Toxins. So let it do its work. I  hope this information was helpful.  

Get well soon!

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