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Monday, February 3, 2014

Emergen-C Update - You Need Your Sports Drink!

I Failed to mention in my first blog that Gatorade and Powerade are Not an Option
 It may have been a decent choice 50 years ago. We've Learned a Little Since Then.
Full of Sugar. Just a Deceiving Marketing Ploy These Days.
They spend Millions convincing you that Athletes Drink that Syrup

As you an see from the NBA article - Most people and a lot of players are just now discovering that Gatorade is a bad choice. Many are exploring alternatives. Eventually they will turn to things like Emergen-C. Then find out that's not so great. 
So you my friend - are way ahead of the curve.   

I will follow up on this later - in the meantime - I did not want to leave you hanging without a sports drink. Concerns over finding aspartic acid and other questionable ingredients in Emergen-C have led me to search for a healthy alternative. See article Below- (Body Snatchers) I used it to Hydrate after a workout. The more I search - the more a homemade version makes sense. Most powder packets contain a synthetic from of Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid), and added sugar (in one form or another) that you really do not need.  

Adding some Lemon juice to a bottle of water is one simple alternative.

Coconut water is also full of Electrolytes.  They sell it everywhere now in little boxes. Try to find one without added sweeteners or artificial ingredients.

Hey! There's a Recipe "Put the Lime in the Coconut and stir it all up."
You Gotta be over thirty to remember that song. 
Guess it's good for Belly aches too. LOL 
Annoying But Relevant:

It really isn't much trouble to make your own concoction with flavors you like. Fresh juices, honey, more salt - less salt. Let's face it - Emergen-C always tasted like flavored sweat anyway - most of the powders on the market do. Fill up a dozen bottles on your day off and throw them in the fridge. And Or make a powdered mix you can put in a small plastic bottle for the road to add to a bottle of water. You will Probably save money too - store bought Electrolyte powders are not cheap.

Here are some Links with Home Made Electrolyte Recipes.

I'll be working on my own liquid and powder. I'll share the results. Please comment and share yours - if you come up with one.  

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