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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Home Made Sports Drink Recipe

Update: Easy and Cheap
Buy a few little boxes of Coconut water and some Pineapple Juice.
50/50 mixture. That's it! Adjust mixture for taste and sweetness.
Dump 1/4 to a 3rd of the water out of a 16oz bottle of water.
Replace with 50/50 mixture.
Better than any premade powder out there.  Cheaper too. 
The Nutri-Bullet is great - but I got to thinking - we don't all have $100 right now, and if you're in a hurry - this is a great cheap alternative. 

I figured out in the last article that making your own is probably the best and Cheapest way to go. http://jansenhealthandfitness.blogspot.com/2014/02/emergen-c-update-you-need-your-sports.html

As luck would have it - my roommate talked me into buying a Nutri-Bullet for $99 at WalMart - so I am making my own now. What I like about it - is that you can just rinse it and it's ready to use again. Not a major project like juicing. Here is a basic recipe I used the other day to make an Electrolyte drink to add to my bottle of water.  Not selling Nutri-Bullet - just the one we bought - may be better one on the market?

Warning on Nutri-Bullet - these are Not sturdy units. Buy from Walmart or a Retailer with a good Return Policy so you don't have to ship it back. The first one burnt out - partially due to our misuse after one smoothy. Took it back - no problem since. We overfilled it and ran it too long. There is a Fill Line on the the little Dome - Don't exceed it. Don't hold it down for more than 5 seconds at a time. It is not a Nut grinder either.  Having said that - if you stay within those limitations - it's a fantastic addition to our kitchen. Add some spring water or other liquid so you don't stress the motor. Unlike a Blender or Juicer - it only take 5 seconds to rinse and ready to put away or use again. 

Any Combination of Citrus and Coconut Water will work as an effective Electrolyte Drink. Pineapple actually seemed to outperform Lemon and Orange.

Home Made Electrolyte Sports Drink
See Links Below Each Ingredient for Nutritional Facts:
1 Small Box Coconut Water  Natural Electrolyte
(Turns out those little boxes at Walmart are pretty much additive free) 
3 Small Chunks Pineapple.  (Potassium / VItamin C  / Minerals
(You can buy it pre-cut in the produce dept.)
1 Orange Mainly for Flavor - less vitamin content than others
(Peel and cut into small pieces) 
1 Kiwi.   Electrolytes B-6, Omega 3 - see Wiki link below (box on Right):
(Peel and Slice. The seeds are good for you and settle at bottom of the concentrate. So when you pour concentrate into bottle of water they are not noticeable.)
1 Half Banana. Potasium, B-6
(Peel and Slice)
 2 Tbls Lemon Juice  Potassium, Sodium, Sugar. Brings out Flavors of ingredients
(Peel half a lemon and Slice or use unsweetened juice)
2 squirts Honey. Calcium, Amino Acids
(2 Squirts For Sweetness if desired. Use 6 or 7 Table Spoons if you want it Sweet.)
16 oz Bottle Spring Water  Hydration
(To add concentrate to later)
No Salt Needed  You do Not need to add salt as the ingredients above contain plenty of naturally occurring sodium. But add a sprinkle for flavor if desired. 
Get ingredients ready in a Bowl.
Then run it through the bullet a little at a time - so you don't overfill and burn out the motor
Pour half the Coconut water in 1st batch, save half for second batch. Should only take two fills. 
Store concentrate in the fridge. Energy shot in the morning?
To make a Sports Drink:
Just empty 1/4 of the water out of a 16 oz bottle of Water and replace with your concentrate.

Warning on Juicing: Make real sure you are not alergic to anything you juice.
When you juice something it can be 100 times stronger than just eating it. If you juice Beets - only a small slice in the juicer - very potent.  Always consult your physician if you are on blood thinners or other medications. 

Let me know what you think? 

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