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Friday, March 28, 2014


I put this together Really Quick.  So we all have Something to get started with on Monday. 
Again, you can do this at home while Watching TV.

Start by doing it during 1- 30 minute TV show each day. 
In a few weeks you might do it twice a day. 

Go slow - if you sprain an ankle you're done for week. Your body will push itself as you get going. You do not need to do any impact the first week. Keep one foot on the ground at all times as you get started - at least before you stretch. You will find that just marching for 30 minutes will get your heart going and give you a good workout. 

The stand up portion is a great way to stretch as you step on the range - so you don't pull something.

Read the Previous (Previous Blog Below) to help yourself prepare for next week.  

Step (1 ) March in Place about 5 minutes to warm up. 

Step (2) Stretch - that way you don't sprain an ankle if you add speed during your session. 
You do Not Drive your Car Without Oil. 
Put Blood in your Muscles Before You Use Them. 
Stretching / Moving them Before Working them - Sends Blood to that Area. 

Step (3) Start your TV Show - March till Commercial / Walk / Resume

Step (4) Do a Stretch Warm Down When you Finish your 30 Minutes. That will increase your Flexibility Twice as Fast and help Limit Soreness.

Step (5)  Hydrate with a Good Electrolyte (See Previous Post)
Drink a protein shake or something with Branch Chain Amino Acids for Recovery. 
Pineapple Juice with Vanilla Yogurt, a Banana and Whey Protein Works for Me.
Drink it Within the Golden Hour - Right After Your Workout - For Best Results. 

 The Stretch Portion was Rushed to Save Time. 
Stretch Slow, Inhale Up Exhale Down. 
Never Bounce. 

Exercise Bikes - work great too - just keep your arms moving in a running motion. If the Bike allows - peddle forward then backwards - mix it up.


We have 65 Days until June 1st - Lets Do This! 

Prepare to Train
We all want to look good by the pool or at the beach and lake this summer. I live for summer. However, as always, it snuck up on me again. In 2 Months it will be full blown summer.
So, please excuse the late notice. The good news is - we can be looking great in 2 months with a little effort. We start Monday!

Pre-Train Checklist

1. Start Getting some Sleep.
Without 8 hours you're just getting through the day tired. I know -you're busy. But Trust me - you will get more done and spend less money when are rested. If you are a young party animal - have a night to rage - but set a sleep schedule prior to your workout days and follow it. Don't drink the night before. I work weekdays. So, Sunday through Thursday I go to sleep early and wake up early the next morning. Friday and Saturday - I can do what I want. Over 40 - Bladder Wakes you up at 2 am?  If you have to - put a plastic pitcher next to the bed  - empty and clean it in the morning. Gross I know.  Either that or just make sure you don't turn on the TV and stay awake. Get back to sleep. Trouble Getting to sleep. Try some Miso Soup and Cherry juice before bed. Get in bed an hour or so before you need to be asleep. Watch and good movie. Watch a TV show in which you know the characters. That way you can turn over, close your eyes and just listen to it as you fall asleep. Sports won't work - sports talk would. Nothing you want to raise up and watch visually. Use The Sleep Timer on Your TV. Ambient noise and light will prevent restful sleep. Set it for 90 minutes when you get in bed. I often turn on a news magazine or Sitcom - set it for 30 minutes and I'm out before the TV goes off. It takes practice. But - sleep is the foundation of good health and a successful workout program. 

2. Schedule Your Workouts
Set a time aside that works for you. I love mornings - many people love night time. But set aside at least 30 minutes per day Monday -Friday to start. Our beginner workout can be done in any room of your home.  

3. Go Food Shopping.
You don't have to spend any more money than usual. Just buy some fruits and Vegetables you like and ingredients for a few healthy meals. Think it through - what dish can I make with those? Make a list.  Spend an hour on your day off and preparing healthy meals or ingredients and have them ready in the fridge. I like to cut up Bell peppers, onions and other veges and throw them in the Wok later. I cook up a bunch of shreeded chicke to use for a variety of dishes later. It's still OK to grab a burger once a week - but the food you buy and eat daily should be good for you. 

4. Drop the Soda and Coffee
Go buy a caffeine fee herb tea you like. They have a million different flavors at your supermarket. Make a pitcher sweetened with honey. (seperate pitcher from above- LOL) 
Keep it in the fridge. Put some in an empty water bottle to take to work. Make another one with a Green Tea you like - that will give you the caffeine you're used to in the morning without the chemicals, milk and sugar. It also goes much better with electronic cigarettes if you smoke than coffee does.

5. Switch from Cigarettes to Electronics.
If you smoke - the tar in your lungs is preventing you from getting the oxygen you need. Electronics aren't  perfect - But No Tar and that's what's killing you. You don't have to buy a giant plug in model. They have disposables at 711 and smoke shops for around $8 - buy a couple. It works much better is you do not have regular cigarettes in the house - it will force you to use them. Another trick. pretend you have a cigarette in your hand and inhale and exhale like you were smoking. You will get some much needed oxygen and some nicotine strored in your lungs. Quiting regualr cigarettes should also help you wake more rested as you will btreath easier and your lungs will get more oxygen at night.
We'll Make this Easy!
I will be posting a Beginners video that anyone can do - without buying a thing - at Home - this weekend. You an do it while you're watching TV if you want. 

Advanced Workouts
I will also be posting advanced and sport specific workouts for Boxing, Football, Beach Volleyball and Golf each month. 

We are in this Together
As embarrassing as it is to admit - Me with my Health blog - I will be quitting Smoking, and Coffee myself by Monday. I also expect to lose about 4 inches off my stomach by June.

Can't bitch about aspartame and inhale rat poison. I hate getting screwed by corporations - so time for me to get mad and stop letting them profit by selling me poison. I hope to drop the electronics soon too - as Nicotine is also a pesticide. Enough Talk - Time to Walk the Walk.

Point is - your comments are welcome and we can help each other through this. Don't get discouraged. If you don't succeed this week - try again next week. You can't fail if you don't quit trying. Be nice to yourself. Do it cause you want to. When you want to. The schedule I posted is simply a group goal we can all shoot for. I will also share my ups and downs as we go through this together. It will be nice to be ready for summer when it gets here - Right? 
Let's Do It!

Sorry I Didn't update sooner
Had several people in my life get real sick. No excuse for me to slack - but I did, Not giving up - hope you aren't either. I'll post vids with progress soon I hope.

Always consult your physician before beginning any workout program. Always beware of potential allergies before trying new foods, drinks or supplements.