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Friday, February 28, 2014

Summer Drink for Winter Blues

If you are trying to quit coffee or just want a morning pick me up - got one for you.

Cantaloupe Juice.
Tastes Great and really gives you energy

2 Cantaloupe
(Caffeine Free Herbal) Orange or tangerine Tea bags
1 Gallon Spring Water 
1 Cup Honey  
Lemon Juice

You'll Need:
Juicer, Nutri Bullet or Blender - might work?
Large jug or Jar
Plastic Container with Spout (see picture below).


Step 1: Cut Mellon
Cut about an inch off the top and bottom off.
Then carefully cut down around the edges to remove the rind.
Cut in Half and Spoon out the seeds 
Cut in to smaller pieces

Step 2: Juice

Juice the Pieces.
Nutri Bullet, Juicer or blender might work?

Step 3: Make Tea
Take 4 (Caffeine Free Herbal) Orange or tangerine Tea bags
Put in beer mug - half full of water
Microwave for 2.5 minutes. 
Get a jug with little water in it. 
Strain Tea into jug.
Add Honey to taste. Use a full cup to make it sweet.
Add about a quart of water.  Shake till honey becomes liquid Tea.
Add 2 table spoons Lemon Juice 

Step 3: Pour...
Cantaloupe Juice 
Then Tea 
Plastic Container with Spout (see picture)
Shake well to mix.
Store in Fridge,
The thick Cantaloupe juice will rise to top in about 15 minutes.
You'll get a nice clear juice at the bottom near the spout.

Found the Container in Tupperware section Wal-Mart


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