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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Invasion of the Body Snatchers

Please Excuse the Crazy Title of this article - But - a Nasty poison has creeped into our so-called "Natural" Foods and supplements. I'll explain. 

This morning I was drinking my coffee (Cup a day and trying to quit) and handicapping Golf. I always drink electrolytes with any caffeine beverages, as Caffeine dehydrates your body, electrolytes rehydrate you. As I sipped my coffee and Emergen-C (Electrolyte/Vitamin C Drink) - my stomach felt a little empty. I went to the Fridge and grabbed some Yogurt. After 3 or 4 Spoonfuls my stomach felt queasy. I went back to the Fridge and just out of curiosity - checked the label for artificial sweeteners. I have been buying Lucern Dairy products off and on for years. All they had was Low Fat at the Grocer, but wasn't concerned. Anyway, I was really startled to find "Aspartame" on the label. If you are a diet soda drinker - you probably wouldn't have noticed. I never drink soda and artificial sweeteners taste like liquid mayonnaise to me. I tossed the Yogurt in the trash and wrote Lucern a Nasty email. (see Video Below). The stuff literally kills brain cells. Afters years of watching Network TV and unknowingly consuming Aspartame,  I probably have very few left.

I had also picked up some Greek Frozen Yogurt that tasted a bit funny. So, I went in the freezer and checked that label. The Brand was "Open Nature", sure enough, "Aspartame". Upon further inspection of the Label, guess who makes "Open Nature? Lucern Dairy
BTW Danon Yogurt and Yoplait Light also contain Aspartame.

I was on a Roll at this point. So, just for the hell of it - I checked the ingredients on my
Emergen-C. I had already checked it for "Aspartame" years ago and have been living on the stuff for years. We drink it when we train for Sand Volleyball at 110+ degrees here in Vegas. 
Well, no "Aspartame". But I had overlooked another - similar ingredient. "Aspartic Acid" 
So, I looked it up. My Jaw Dropped. Turns out "Aspartame" is 40% "Aspartic Acid". Although these amino acids in natural forms are fine - these synthetic additive versions are caustic poisons.  
To Be Fair: The company claims the "Aspartic Acid" is just a naturally occurring Amino Acid. 
However: As you try to decide whether to trust them or not - you may want to consider This:
Other Questionable Ingredients and Alternatives
Re: The Aspartic Acid:  
Pfizer Acquires Alacer Corp

Short History of Aspartame

I am not Familiar with DR Mercola or his Organization. 
I just found the information interesting. Form your own opinion 

Last week I was also sent an article regarding my favorite "Natural" Juice Drink. "Naked Juice". I love their "Green Machine". Not anymore!. Guess who owns Naked Juice? Pepsi! Part of the bad news included claims that in addition to being Non GMO  it contains calcium pantothenate - which is somehow related to formaldehyde. They just settled a 9 Million Dollar Law Suit.


In closing, Al ll I can say is Read the Label and Consider the Source of your Food and Drink. As you can see from the Aspartame video (above) - there are Big Bucks involved and Powerful People with a vested interest in adding things to our food that you wouldn't feed your dog. 

When I heard about Naked Juice - I though I was really smart.  The next day I went to Von's and bought some OdsWalla Green Drink to replace my Green Machine. Ha Ha! Just Read:

- In its early days, Odwalla was a small company owned by a few individuals that made real, raw food juices. Since its acquisition by Coca Cola in 2001, almost everything has changed.
Read the Full Article:

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