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Friday, March 28, 2014


I put this together Really Quick.  So we all have Something to get started with on Monday. 
Again, you can do this at home while Watching TV.

Start by doing it during 1- 30 minute TV show each day. 
In a few weeks you might do it twice a day. 

Go slow - if you sprain an ankle you're done for week. Your body will push itself as you get going. You do not need to do any impact the first week. Keep one foot on the ground at all times as you get started - at least before you stretch. You will find that just marching for 30 minutes will get your heart going and give you a good workout. 

The stand up portion is a great way to stretch as you step on the range - so you don't pull something.

Read the Previous (Previous Blog Below) to help yourself prepare for next week.  

Step (1 ) March in Place about 5 minutes to warm up. 

Step (2) Stretch - that way you don't sprain an ankle if you add speed during your session. 
You do Not Drive your Car Without Oil. 
Put Blood in your Muscles Before You Use Them. 
Stretching / Moving them Before Working them - Sends Blood to that Area. 

Step (3) Start your TV Show - March till Commercial / Walk / Resume

Step (4) Do a Stretch Warm Down When you Finish your 30 Minutes. That will increase your Flexibility Twice as Fast and help Limit Soreness.

Step (5)  Hydrate with a Good Electrolyte (See Previous Post)
Drink a protein shake or something with Branch Chain Amino Acids for Recovery. 
Pineapple Juice with Vanilla Yogurt, a Banana and Whey Protein Works for Me.
Drink it Within the Golden Hour - Right After Your Workout - For Best Results. 

 The Stretch Portion was Rushed to Save Time. 
Stretch Slow, Inhale Up Exhale Down. 
Never Bounce. 

Exercise Bikes - work great too - just keep your arms moving in a running motion. If the Bike allows - peddle forward then backwards - mix it up.

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